Men's 3-Piece Suit

With their elegant design and timeless cuts, our Zed By 3-piece suits are a must in any wardrobe. They are most often accompanied by accessories such as a pocket square and a matching tie. Composed of a Dandy-style jacket, waistcoat and pants, this outfit will make the silhouette of the wearer classy and elegant.

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Three Piece Caviar Bordeaux...

Three Piece Caviar Bordeaux Suit

- Composition: 80% Polyester 17% Viscose 3% Elastane.
- Care instructions: Dry cleaning recommended or machine wash at 30°c.

Patterns/Colors: Bordeaux.

- Notched collar.
- Double buttoned closure.
- 3 Flap pockets.
- 1 breast pocket.
- Two slits. (29 cm)

- Straight 5-button closure.
- Fitted cut.

Side pockets.
- Zipped fly.
- Closing by double buttonhole.
- Belt loop.

- Jacket
- Pants


Although three-piece suits are less common, they are not less elegant. They are commonly associated with accessories such as the pocket square and the matching tie, symbolizing elegance and refinement. This outfit, which consists of a Dandy-style jacket, waistcoat, and pants, will make the wearer appear distinguished and refined.

Our three-piece suits and expertise

Zed By, a specialist in the sale of men's suits and fashion accessories, provides an extensive selection of three-piece suits in a variety of materials and hues on its website. From three-piece tuxedos to double-breasted tuxedos, you will have an abundance of options. The noble Super 150 quality wool and textile materials that comprise our products are comfortable and highly regarded. In our collection, we offer three-piece suits made from a blend of polyester, viscose, and elastane to prevent creasing and maximize comfort.

The origins of three-piece suits

In 1666, King Charles II of England introduced the three-piece suit to Britain. The objective was to promote the British wool trade while also separating from French fashion.

Extremely fashionable at the turn of the twentieth century, the three-piece suit is making a successful comeback today with the so-called "Hipster" or "dandy chic" fashion seen in Peaky Blinders. Numerous young adults value this blend of vintage and sophisticated style.

What material comprises a three-piece suit?

As its name implies, the three-piece suit comprises three distinct components:

- The first component of the costume is a blazer worn over a small waistcoat and a shirt.

- The waistcoat typically has five to six buttons.

- Pants are the final piece, of course.

Typically, an accessory, such as a tie or pocket square, is worn to complement the outfit. However, in some instances, a type of top hat.

How is a three-piece suit worn?

The general rule for the jacket of a three-piece suit is that it should never be completely buttoned. One of the benefits of a three-piece costume is that each piece can be worn separately, with black pants and brown crocodile shoes, for example. In other words, a three-piece suit must be paired with elegant accessories to complement your style.

When is a three-piece suit worn?

This suit's versatility allows it to be worn in all situations, including weddings, prestigious ceremonies, and important business meetings, for instance. The three-piece suit is also the suit that the groom in question typically wears. Therefore, it is essential to receive sound guidance on how to wear it.

What season should a 3-piece suit be worn?

Inspired by the postboy attire of nineteenth-century England, the three-piece suit has always been worn for warmth. Therefore, the three-piece suit is the ideal attire for New Year's Eve. In the summer, men can remove their jacket and wear only a waistcoat while retaining their upper-body elegance. Even without the jacket, the pants, shirt, and buttoned vest retain this touch of elegance and provide a very fashionable retro look.

What shirt should be worn with a three-piece suit?

If you intend to dress appropriately, you must possess at least a white shirt, which you should pair with a navy blue or black three-piece suit (your choice). Men's three-piece suits require a shirt with either a classic collar or a button-down collar. The final step is to avoid wearing an overly flashy shirt. This may conceal your costume.

Which accessories complement a three-piece suit?

The three-piece suit can be worn with either a tie or a bow tie, depending on the occasion. They must be selected in accordance with the occasion, i.e. the desired effect: a formal look, a cool style, or a more casual look. You should wear black pants, brown crocodile shoes, a white shirt, and a burgundy knit bow tie with a navy blue three-piece suit.

What items are displayed?

At Zed By, we carry all colors of three-piece suits and their accessories. We have a variety of three-piece tuxedos for your prestigious events, including wide-collared, thin, rounded, and shawl styles. You will find what you need! Not to mention the velvet, satin, or knit bow ties that match.