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The double-breasted suit stood out from other classic suits with its six buttons and wide, pointed lapels. The double-breasted suit is a real style option for men's ready-to-wear. It gives the wearer a strong, elegant, and trendy look. Zed By has a variety of well-fitted double-breasted jackets and pants that go with them.

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The double-breasted suit, a timeless piece in men's wardrobes, is making a grand comeback. Modern stars are embracing this elegant style for everything from red carpet events to business meetings. At Zed By, we offer a range of double-breasted suits in various fits and fabrics, including wool, twill, and special blends, to suit every occasion and personal style.

Specializing in men's fashion, Zed By offers a comprehensive range of double-breasted suits and blazers on our online shop. Our collection features jackets and pants in high-quality materials like wool, linen, and twill blends. Whether you're looking for a quick purchase or a special custom piece, we have options to suit your needs. Don't forget to check our sale section for great deals on double-breasted suits and separates!

Zed By, inaugurated in 1980, is a French label known for its refined double-breasted suits and modern takes on classic pieces. Our boutique in Paris's Marais district showcases an extensive range of distinguished clothing, from formal dress suits to casual twill blazers. We pride ourselves on offering versatile pieces, two and three pieces, tuxedos, tweed suits, jackets and some others, that will serve you well, whether you're dressing for a wedding or a business casual Friday.

Our double-breasted suits are designed to provide an ideal fit for every customer. Whether you prefer a slim cut or a more relaxed fit, our jackets and pants are tailored to enhance your silhouette. Use our quick size guide to find your perfect fit, or opt for our custom tailoring service for a truly bespoke double-breasted suit that you'll love to wear.

At Zed By, we offer a wide variety of double-breasted suits for every occasion. From traditional wedding suits to modern, slim-fit options for the office, our collection has it all. We even offer linen and twill blend double-breasted suits for a more casual, warm-weather look. Looking to make a statement? Try our special green wool blend blazer - it's a favorite among style-conscious stars!

Want to add a personal touch to your double-breasted suit? Our custom options allow you to create a truly unique piece:

  • Fabric Selection: Choose from our premium wool, linen, and twill blends.
  • Fit Customization: Opt for a slim, regular, or relaxed fit for both jacket and pants.
  • Lapel Style: Select from peak or notch lapels to suit your style.
  • Button Configuration: Decide on a 4x2 or 6x2 button arrangement.
  • Lining Options: Pick a lining that reflects your personality.
  • Monogramming: Add your initials for a special touch.

With these options, you can create a double-breasted suit that's perfectly tailored to your taste and needs. You will love the way you look and feel in your custom piece!

The double-breasted suit is versatile and can be styled for various occasions. For a modern twist, try pairing your double-breasted blazer with contrasting pants. For a quick business-casual look, wear your double-breasted jacket with chinos or dark jeans. Remember, the fit is crucial - a well-fitted double-breasted suit should be slightly tight at the waist when closed.

Pair your double-breasted suit with a crisp dress shirt for formal events or weddings. For a more casual look, try a linen shirt with your double-breasted blazer. The key is to ensure a good fit - the shirt should complement the fit of your suit. For a special touch, consider a green or patterned shirt to add some personality to your outfit.

Complete your look with carefully chosen accessories. For weddings or formal events, add a boutonniere or a pocket square to your double-breasted jacket. A sleek tie or bow tie can elevate your outfit further. For business wear, a leather briefcase or portfolio will complement your professional look. Don't forget to check our sale section for great deals on accessories to complement your double-breasted suit!

Remember, whether you're shopping for a wedding, a business meeting, or a casual event, Zed By has the perfect double-breasted suit or blazer for you. Our quick size guide and custom options ensure you'll find the ideal fit. Visit our shop today and add a stylish double-breasted piece to your wardrobe - you will be amazed at how versatile and stylish this classic suit style can be!

At Zed By, we understand that the fabric of your suit is just as important as its fit. That's why we offer a variety of materials to suit every preference and occasion. Here's a quick guide to our most popular fabrics:

  • Wool: Our premium wool suits are a favorite among stars and business professionals alike. Available in both slim and regular fits, these suits offer excellent durability and a polished look. Perfect for year-round wear, wool suits are ideal for formal events and important business meetings.
  • Twill: For a more casual yet sophisticated look, our twill suits and blazers are an excellent choice. The diagonal weave of twill fabric adds texture and interest to your outfit. Available in various colors and blends, twill is great for both office wear and smart-casual events.
  • Wool-Twill Blends: Combining the best of both worlds, our wool-twill blends offer the warmth and durability of wool with the interesting texture of twill. These suits are perfect for those who want a unique look that stands out from the crowd.
  • Seasonal Blends: We also offer special seasonal blends, such as wool-linen for spring and summer, and wool-cashmere for fall and winter. These blends provide comfort and style appropriate for different weather conditions.

Remember, all our fabrics are available in a range of sizes, from slim to regular fit. Not sure about your size? Use our quick size guide to find the perfect fit for your double-breasted suit or separates.

Don't forget to check our sale section for great deals on all these fabric options! Whether you're looking for a wool suit for a special occasion, twill pants for everyday wear, or a unique blend for a standout look, you'll find it at a great price in our sale collection.

Pro Tip: For a versatile wardrobe, consider investing in both a wool and a twill double-breasted suit. The wool suit will serve you well for formal events and winter wear, while the twill suit or blazer can be your go-to for more casual occasions and warmer months. With these two options, you'll be dressed to impress for any event, just like the stars!

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