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Ceremonial Shirt for Men

A wedding, a gala or a birthday planned? Zed By has a wide range of shirts for men to wear to ceremonies, no matter what they are. Broken collar shirts are the most stylish when it comes to wedding shirts. You can choose white or ivory shirts with slim or straight cuts.

Choose your ceremonial shirt to completemente your outfit :


A formal shirt is a piece of clothing specially designed for formal, elegant occasions such as weddings, galas and other important ceremonies. It distinguishes itself from classic shirts by the superior quality of its materials and sophisticated details, such as special collars and adjustable cuffs for the cufflinks. It's an ideal choice for those looking to make a lasting impression at special events.

To choose the perfect size, it's crucial to take accurate measurements of several parts of your body, including the neck, shoulders, chest and waist.

Once you've taken these measurements, refer to the sizes specified on our website to select the most appropriate one.

If you have any doubts or questions, our customer service team is always on hand to provide personalized advice.

Specializing in the sale of men's suits, shirts and fashion accessories, Zed By offers you a complete range of jackets and trousers on its online platform, which are available in several colors and cuts.

From double-breasted suits to 3-piece suits, 2-piece suits or dinner jackets, Zed By pays attention to detail and allows you to benefit from a unique know-how, with a quality of Super 150 fabric, reserved for the big names in luxury.

We are committed to offering affordable products, while guaranteeing impeccable quality. We have worked hard to find the right balance between affordability and manufacturing excellence.

Founded in 1980 by a family passionate about men's fashion, Zed By is a French brand based in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

It stands out thanks to its sophisticated French style and original cuts and patterns inspired by European and African cultures.

Zed By advocates benevolence and ethics in its creative and production processes. Quality is at the heart of its concerns, with meticulous attention to detail.

The shop, located in the Marais district of Paris, offers a complete range of elegant clothing for all occasions, from evening suits to work shirts.

Ceremonial shirts are designed for formal occasions, and are therefore distinguished by specific features.

It often features more elegant collars and double cuffs designed to accommodate cufflinks.

The fabric used is also of superior quality, such as Egyptian cotton or luxury linen, for impeccable finish and maximum comfort.

A high-quality ceremonial shirt will stand out for several reasons.

First, the fabric: look for noble materials such as long-staple Egyptian cotton or pure linen.

Seams should be strong and even, and buttons securely fastened.

Finishes such as collars, cuffs and buttons should also be impeccable.

Examine the shirt as a whole to make sure it meets these criteria.

Formal shirts require special care to maintain their appearance and durability.

It is generally advisable to hand-wash or machine-wash them on a gentle cycle, using a mild detergent.

For drying, avoid tumble dryers and opt for air drying, flat if possible.

Careful ironing at low temperature is also recommended to remove wrinkles without damaging the fabric.

Yes, it is possible to machine-wash your ceremony shirt, but it is imperative to follow the instructions on the care label to avoid damage.

Use a gentle cycle and a non-aggressive detergent, and place the shirt in a washing net if possible to reduce rubbing.

Avoid mixing with brightly-colored or dark garments to prevent fading.

Ironing a formal shirt requires special care.

It's best to iron the shirt while it's still slightly damp, to make the process easier.

Use a quality steam iron and start with the most difficult areas, such as the collar and cuffs.

Set the iron temperature according to the fabric, referring to the care label for specific settings.

White is undoubtedly the most versatile and formal color, easily adapting to all types of suits and accessories.

It's also the most classic, making it a safe choice for almost any formal occasion.

However, pastel colors like light blue or pale pink can also be an elegant option.

The collar of your shirt can greatly influence your overall look.

For very formal occasions, a wing collar or classic Kent collar is often recommended.

For slightly less formal events, a semi-spread or cutaway collar can offer a modern touch without sacrificing elegance.

Yes, you can wear a formal shirt casually, especially if it's a neutral color or a simpler design.

You can wear it without a tie, or even pair it with jeans or chino pants for a casual yet polished look.

However, it's essential to judge the suitability of this outfit according to the occasion.

To make the most of a formal shirt, it's often a good idea to opt for a high-quality two- or three-piece suit.

The key is to create visual harmony between the suit and the shirt. If your shirt is a sober color like white or pale blue, it will go well with a wide variety of suits, from formal black to charcoal gray or even navy blue.

It's also essential to consider the type of fabric and pattern : a single-thread Egyptian cotton shirt will go particularly well with a wool or cashmere suit.

The choice of tie can vary according to the formality of the event, but also according to the color and details of your shirt.

For the most formal occasions, a silk tie in a solid color or with a discreet pattern is usually a safe choice.

If your shirt is already patterned or detailed, opt for a more restrained tie to avoid visually overloading your outfit.

Wool or cashmere ties can also be elegant options for slightly less formal occasions.

If the event allows, you can pair a formal shirt with jeans, but choose good-quality, sober, well-cut jeans that won't detract from the shirt.

Dark jeans with no rips or worn effects are often the most appropriate for this kind of pairing.

Make sure the jeans are the right length and fit for a polished look that enhances your formal shirt.

Accessories have the power to sublimate an outfit, especially when it comes to formal wear.

Cufflinks are practically indispensable if your shirt has double cuffs.

They add a touch of elegance and sophistication. A clutch bag to match your tie can also add a harmonious finishing touch.

Finally, an elegant but discreet watch can complete your look without making it too ostentatious.

Choose accessories that reflect your personal style while respecting the formality of the event.

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