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Casual shirts

Adopt a sophisticated and relaxed style with the Zed By men's range of casual clothing. The informal or casual shirt is appropriate for evening and daily attire.

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The casual shirt is defined by its sober yet stylish look, offering remarkable versatility for men in all circumstances. Recognized by its slightly looser fit and often less structured collar, it allows you to navigate between comfort and style. The fabrics used are diverse, including cotton, linen, and sometimes soft, breathable stretch blends. Patterns and colors can vary, offering a wide range of choices, from discreet solids to more daring prints. Men's shirts come in various styles such as oxford, regular fit, and slim fit, with options for both long and short sleeves.

Choosing the right size for a casual shirt is based on several essential criteria, such as shoulder width, sleeve length, and circumference at the chest and waist. Make sure you have enough room to move comfortably while maintaining a stylish silhouette. Size guides, often offered by brands and e-shops, are invaluable allies in helping you define the size that best suits your morphology. Whether you prefer a regular or slim fit, it's important to find the right balance for your body type.

Thanks to their versatility, casual shirts can be skilfully adapted to semi-formal events, provided the emphasis is on a meticulous choice of quality materials, such as linen or high-end cotton, and attention to sober colors like white, navy, or light blue. The key to integrating them into a semi-formal context lies in the strategic pairing with elegant pieces, such as suit pants, a refined chino, or a fitted blazer, not forgetting neat dress shoes.

Preserving the luster and quality of your casual shirt depends on meticulous care, scrupulously respecting the instructions specified on the garment's internal label. Careful washing, generally done in the washing machine at a moderate or low temperature, often around 30°C, especially for cotton models, with similar shades, is fundamental to maintaining the integrity of the fibers and the vibrancy of the colors. For linen shirts, special care may be needed to maintain their original appearance.

Men's casual shirts are characterized by the use of a variety of fabrics, offering a vast palette of textures and comfort. Often made from cotton, renowned for its breathability and softness, casual shirts can also be made from linen, appreciated for its lightness and coolness in summer seasons. Other materials such as chambray, lightweight denim, or flannel provide a distinctive style and dressing experience for everyone. Some shirts even incorporate stretch materials for added comfort, especially in slim-fit styles.

Styling a casual shirt to blend elegance and casualness requires playing on harmonies and contrasts. A light cotton or linen shirt, for example, can be paired with sober chino pants and a pair of leather loafers or sneakers for the perfect balance between relaxation and sophistication. Try combining a blue oxford shirt with black pants for a classic look, or experiment with plaid or print patterns for a more adventurous style. For summer, consider pairing a short-sleeved linen shirt with tailored shorts.

Absolutely, casual shirts are available in a multitude of cuts to suit all tastes and body types. In particular, you'll find the "regular" fit, offering a classic, slightly loose silhouette, ideal for freedom of movement. The "slim" fit, on the other hand, is more fitted, embracing the contours of the body for a sleek, modern look. Other options, such as the standard fit, fall somewhere between these two extremes, providing a slightly fitted look without being too tight.

Yes, pairing a casual shirt with a suit is not only possible, it's also very fashionable to break the rigor of formality with a refreshingly modern touch. The secret lies in the right choice of shirt and suit. Opt for a shirt in neutral shades or with a discreet print, and make sure the fabric is quality, such as a fine cotton or linen. A white or light blue oxford shirt can work well with various suit colors, while a navy or black shirt can create a more dramatic look.

Absolutely, casual shirts are a wise choice all year round, thanks to their versatility and the variety of materials available. In light cotton or linen, they'll be your allies in the warmer seasons, allowing your skin to breathe while adding a stylish touch to your summer outfits. Short-sleeved versions are perfect for hot days. In cooler weather, opt for flannel or thick cotton long-sleeved shirts, which you can easily layer with a sweater or cardigan.

The difference between a casual shirt and a dress shirt (italian collar, french collar, bar collar shirts or ceremonial shirts) lies mainly in the fabric, cut and design details. Dress shirts, often made from cotton poplin or twill, tend to feature more sober hues and a streamlined design, with structured collars suitable for a tie. In contrast, casual shirts explore a wider variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. They may feature details such as chest pockets or buttons, and collars are frequently softer and more relaxed. Casual shirts often come in more varied colors and prints compared to the typically white, blue, or striped dress shirts.

Riding the waves of contemporary inspiration, current trends in casual shirts highlight the return of patterns and textures. Prints, whether geometric, floral or plaid, are finding their way into men's dressing rooms, offering a seductive visual dynamic. This summer, we're seeing a surge in popularity for navy and black shirts, as well as classic white options. Oxford shirts in various colors remain a staple, while bold prints are making a comeback for a more adventurous look.

Buying a casual shirt requires careful consideration of criteria such as material, cut, style and manufacturing quality. Pay particular attention to the fabric, check the quality of the seams and finishing, and make sure the fit matches your body shape and personal tastes. Consider factors like the collar style, button placement, and sleeve length. Look for shirts that offer a good balance between style and comfort, such as those with a bit of stretch in the fabric.

To preserve your casual shirt, folding and storage must be carried out with care. After ensuring that your shirt is clean and well-ironed, start by buttoning the collar and center of the shirt. Place the shirt face down, fold the sleeves back at right angles to the body of the shirt and then fold them in half downwards. Then fold the shirt in half or in thirds horizontally, depending on your storage space. For long-sleeved shirts, make sure the cuffs are buttoned before folding. Store in a dry place, away from direct light, and if possible on shelves or slats rather than in high stacks to avoid creasing.

Button-down shirts, particularly in styles like the oxford, have become a cornerstone of men's casual wear. These shirts, characterized by buttons that fasten the collar points to the shirt, offer a perfect blend of casual and smart styles. They come in various fits, from regular to slim, catering to different body types and style preferences.

White and light blue remain classic color choices for button-downs, but don't shy away from experimenting with colors like navy, black, or even prints for a more contemporary look. The versatility of button-downs makes them suitable for various occasions - pair a white oxford with navy chinos for a smart casual look, or wear a patterned button-down with jeans for a more relaxed weekend outfit.

For the summer months, short-sleeved button-downs in breathable fabrics like linen or lightweight cotton are excellent choices. They offer the same smart-casual appeal as their long-sleeved counterparts while keeping you cool in warmer weather. Whether you're dressing for the office, a casual outing, or a summer barbecue, a well-chosen button-down shirt can be the foundation of a stylish and comfortable outfit.

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Colored Stripes Patch Shirt

Add vibrancy to your wardrobe with this colorful striped patch shirt. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it features a tailored fit, a button-down collar, and cufflinks. Machine washable at 30°, it combines style and comfort.

Price €29.00

Colored Stripes Patch Shirt With Patch

Adopt a unique and vibrant style with this colorful striped patch shirt with a badge. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it offers a tailored fit, a button-down collar, and cufflinks for a sophisticated look. Machine washable at 30° for easy care.

Price €29.00

Striped patch shirt

This patchwork shirt with multicolored stripes offers a vibrant and unique style. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it combines lasting comfort with an elegant fit thanks to its buttoned collar. Easy machine wash at 30°.

Price €29.00