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Tailles pantalons

Tailles pantalons

Men's Cotton Trousers

Made from a premium cotton gabardine, our trousers offer both strength and softness, ensuring unrivalled comfort throughout the seasons. Available in a modern, slim fit, they are ideal for pairing with a shirt or suit to create elegant, casual outfits for any occasion. Stay fashionable with timeless style while enjoying the comfort of natural, breathable cotton.

Choose the ideal model from our extensive collection of men's cotton trousers and add to your outfit :


Cotton, a renowned natural fiber, offers a unique combination of comfort and breathability. Choosing cotton pants means opting for a fabric that's soft to the touch, versatile and capable of adapting to a variety of occasions, whether formal or casual.

Cotton offers many advantages, including high breathability that allows the skin to breathe, reducing the risk of irritation, unlike synthetic materials such as polyester.

What's more, cotton is naturally absorbent, helping you to stay comfortable and dry, especially during the summer months.

It's a versatile material that can be used for both casual and formal occasions, depending on the style and cut of the pants.

When choosing cotton pants, the key is to get the right size and fit.

Take measurements of your waist, hips and leg length, and use these to find the size that best matches the brand's size chart.

Many brands also offer different leg lengths, which is ideal for a personalized fit.

Yes and no. Lightweight cotton is perfect for warmer seasons because of its breathability.

For autumn and winter, look for cotton pants blended with warmer fibers like wool, or opt for tighter-knit, thicker cotton to retain heat.

To ensure the longevity and prevent shrinkage of your cotton pants, it's essential to follow a few care recommendations.

Always read the care label, opt for washing in cold or lukewarm water with a mild detergent, and avoid aggressive products such as bleach.

Preferably air-dry, but if you must use a tumble-dryer, select a low temperature.

The cut depends on your style and body type.

Straight cuts are universal and flatter most shapes, while slim and skinny cuts are more fashionable but may not suit everyone.

It's a good idea to try on several cuts to determine which suits you best.

Absolutely, especially if you choose high-quality cotton pants with an elegant cut.

Dark colors such as black, navy blue or dark gray are more formal and work well for events like weddings or business meetings.

The type of shoes to wear will largely depend on the level of formality of your outfit.

For a casual look, clean sneakers or loafers are excellent.

If the occasion is more formal, leather shoes such as derbies or richelieus are more appropriate.

Cotton is not only comfortable, it's also extremely versatile.

Whether you're in the office or relaxing at home, cotton pants offer the perfect balance of comfort and style.

To assess quality, check the weight of the fabric, the quality of the stitching, and the clarity of the care instructions.

Heavier cotton is generally of better quality.

In addition, details such as well-stitched pockets and solid zippers are indicators of good quality.

Cotton is generally well tolerated by sensitive skin, as it is soft and breathable.

However, if you have allergies or skin problems, opt for organic cotton, which is grown without harmful chemicals.

To remove stains, start by applying a suitable stain remover to the affected area.

Scrub lightly with a soft-bristled toothbrush, then wash the pants as you normally would.

It's always best to act quickly to prevent the stain from sticking.

Yes, cotton pants are generally suitable for ironing.

You can use a hot iron and the steam function to remove wrinkles and creases.

Always check the care label for specific ironing instructions.

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