Men's Evening Wear

Whether attending a wedding, a formal dinner, or any special event, finding the right men's evening wear is essential to making a lasting impression. Zed By has been a trusted name in crafting exquisite suits, shirts, and accessories tailor-made for these moments.

Discover Your Perfect Men's Evening Wear

Since 1981, we dress American men with undeniable elegance and refinement. Our commitment to quality ensures that every piece in our collection stands as a testament to timeless style and sophistication.

When it comes to men's evening wear, Zed By stands out as the epitome of quality and style. Our collection seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary fashion, making Zed By the go-to destination for premium suits and tuxedos.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to enhance your formal attire, ensuring that you will be the center of attention at any event. From luxurious materials to impeccable tailoring, Zed By's commitment to excellence is unmatched in the realm of men's formal fashion.

  • Tailored Suits: A hallmark of classic evening attire.
  • Elegant Tuxedos: The quintessential choice for black-tie events.
  • Crisp Dress Shirts: A perfect complement to any suit or tuxedo.
  • Refined Accessories: Ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares that add a personal touch.

At Zed By, we understand that the essence of men's evening wear is found in its details. That's why we source only the finest fabrics and employ the most skilled artisans to create our suits and tuxedos. Whether you choose a navy-blue three-piece suit or a sharp black tuxedo, the key to standing out is the quality and fit that Zed By delivers consistently.

The quest to select appropriate men's evening wear can be as straightforward as it is intricate. Each occasion calls for a nuanced approach to your ensemble. For a gala, opt for luxury tuxedos with polished details.

Weddings might demand a softer color palette or a three-piece suit for added formality. Zed By's experts are adept at advising on the perfect outfit that aligns with the event you're gracing. From classic tuxedos to modern fashion suits, our collection ensures you exude confidence and class wherever you go.

Staying abreast of trends while respecting the foundations of formal attire is a delicate balance. Zed By's collection captures this spirit, offering men's evening wear that both honors traditional designs and embraces contemporary silhouettes.

Current trends lean towards sleek, tailored lines, bold fabric choices like tweed for texture, and nuanced color schemes that make a statement. The modern gentleman values versatility and durability just as much as the visual appeal, which is inherently woven into every piece by Zed By.

The power of accessories in elevating men's evening wear cannot be overstated. Zed By presents a curated selection of ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares to complement your formal attire. The right accessories add a layer of personal expression to a well-tailored tuxedo or suit. 

Whether it's a silk tie that adds a splash of color or cufflinks that inject subtle sophistication, the choice of accessories is as important as the main garment. Choose from our collection to create a cohesive and polished look that reflects your own unique style.

Discerning the key features of high-quality men's evening wear is crucial to ensure that your investment stands the test of time. Firstly, the fabric's quality speaks volumes—wool, cashmere, and silk blends offer warmth, durability, and a rich texture.

Besides the material, the construction of the garment, such as full-canvas interlining in suits, guarantees better drape and longevity. Furthermore, personalization options like bespoke tailoring ensure a suit or tuxedo fits like a glove. All these factors contribute to the grandeur of evening wear offered by Zed By.

We invite you to explore our exclusive collection of men's evening wear at Zed By. Our finely crafted suits and tuxedos are designed to make you the embodiment of sophistication at your next formal event.

With attention to every detail, from the choice of fabric to the final stitch, our garments are a testament to the Zed By legacy. Shop our collection online and take advantage of our tailored services, ensuring your attire is nothing short of perfection.

At Zed By, we are committed to not just meeting but exceeding your expectations with our selection of men's evening wear. Enjoy vonvenient exchanges, and customer service that prioritize your satisfaction. Trust in our over four decades of experience to guide you to the impeccable style and premier quality you deserve.

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Ivory flower brooch

This ivory flower brooch is perfect for adding a refined and elegant touch to your suit for weddings and ceremonies. Made from artificial flowers, it attaches easily and discreetly with its concealed pin, offering a sophisticated finish to your outfit.

Price €19.00

Red flower brooch

For weddings and ceremonies, this red flower brooch made from artificial flowers adds an elegant and distinctive touch to your suit. Easy to attach with its concealed pin, it remains discreet and refined, completing your look with style and sophistication.

Price €19.00

White Ceremonial Shirt Honeycomb

Adopt an elegant look with this white ceremonial honeycomb pattern shirt with a small collar. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it guarantees comfort and style. With its tailored fit and refined buttons, it is ideal for grand occasions. Machine washable at 30°.

Price €39.00

Silver Gousset Watch

This silver pocket watch with a chain is the ideal accessory for a classic and timeless look. Designed to complete your outfit with a touch of elegance, it brings a sophisticated style to your suit. Its silver color is perfect for discreet refinement.

Price €19.00

Golden gusset watch

For a vintage and elegant look, choose this golden pocket watch with a chain. Perfect for completing a classic and refined style, it adds a touch of distinction to your outfit. Its golden color brings a luxurious note, ideal for special occasions.

Price €19.00

White shirt with gold bar collar

Showcase an elegant and bold look with this red striped Italian collar shirt. Made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it offers optimal comfort and a tailored fit. Ideal for formal and professional occasions, it is machine washable at 30°.

Price €39.00

Big black satin bow

Add a touch of elegance to your outfit with this large black satin bow tie. Made from satin, it is ideal for events where elegance is key. Perfect for standing out with class, it completes your look with sophistication.

Price €19.00

Large navy blue satin bow

For a remarkable look, choose this large navy blue satin bow tie. Made from high-quality satin, it is perfect for grand occasions where you want to stand out with elegance. Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Price €19.00

Black satin bow

Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with this black satin bow tie. Made from satin, it brings discreet and refined elegance to your ensemble. Ideal for formal events, it is perfect for an impeccable look.

Price €19.00

Navy blue satin bow

For an elegant and classic touch, choose this navy blue satin bow tie. Made from high-quality satin, this bow tie will add refinement to your outfit. Ideal for grand occasions, it perfectly complements your look with a sophisticated note.

Price €19.00

White formal shirt with collar

For unparalleled elegance, choose this white ceremonial wing collar shirt. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it offers optimal comfort and a tailored fit with metal buttons. Ideal for all formal occasions, it is machine washable at 30° for easy care.

Price €39.00

Navy blue knit tie

Complete your look with this navy blue knit tie, adding an elegant touch to your outfit. With a length of 140 cm and a width of 7 cm, it is ideal for a casual yet sophisticated style. Hand washable for easy care.

Price €13.00

Black knit tie

For a modern and sophisticated look, opt for this black knit tie. Measuring 140 cm long and 7 cm wide, it is perfect for casual and elegant outfits. Made from knit, it is easy to care for and hand washable.

Price €13.00

Ivory white flower brooch

Complete your suit with this ivory flower brooch, ideal for weddings and other special occasions. Made from artificial flowers, it attaches discreetly with its concealed pin, offering a refined and elegant touch to your outfit. Perfect for a sophisticated look.

Price €9.00

Burgundy flower brooch

For a touch of sophistication, choose this burgundy flower brooch. Made from artificial flowers, it is ideal for grand occasions such as weddings. Easy to attach with its concealed pin, it offers a secure and elegant fit, enhancing your suit with refinement.

Price €9.00

Black flower brooch

This black flower brooch adds a sophisticated and chic touch to any suit. Made from artificial flowers, it is ideal for weddings and other formal events. Its design with a concealed pin allows for easy and discreet attachment, ensuring optimal and elegant hold.

Price €9.00

White Rose Flower Buttonhole

Add an elegant touch to your suit with this white flower boutonniere. Made from ivory-colored artificial flowers, it is perfect for weddings and other ceremonies. Thanks to its concealed pin, it attaches easily and remains discreet, offering an elegant finish.

Price €19.00