Country Wedding suits

Welcome to Zed By, where elegance and refinement are interwoven into every stitch of our country wedding suits. Since 1981, we have been committed to dressing American men for the most significant moments in their lives. Our carefully curated collection caters to diverse needs, ensuring that every gentleman can find the perfect ensemble for their rural nuptials. 

Unveiling Elegance: Zed By's Guide to Country Wedding Suits

When it comes to country wedding suits, Zed By stands apart with its meticulous attention to detail and a tradition of excellence. Our signature suits blend contemporary style with classic sophistication, creating a seamless match for the rustic charm of a country setting. Zed By is not just a brand; it's a statement of class, ensuring that each groom stands out on his special day or night.

The ideal country wedding suit should resonate with the relaxed yet festive spirit of the countryside. At Zed By, we offer a versatile range of styles from traditional three-piece suits to more relaxed blazer and trouser combinations. Tailored to be both stylish and comfortable, our suits are designed to complement the natural beauty of a rural backdrop while maintaining an air of formality.

Choosing the right material is crucial for both comfort and style at an outdoor wedding. Our suits are crafted from high-quality fabrics like light wool, linen, and cotton blends, selected for their breathability and durability. These materials not only offer comfort amidst the natural warmth of a country setting but also exude an effortless elegance suitable for the rustic sophistication of a country wedding.

Zed By's country wedding suits are more than just attire—they are a symbol of your commitment, meticulously crafted to ensure quality, comfort, and timeless style. Here are the essential features that define our suits:

  • Uncompromising Fabrics: We select only the finest, breathable materials suited for outdoor weddings. Light wool provides warmth and breathability, linen adds rustic elegance, and cotton blends ensure comfort and structure throughout the event.
  • Expert Construction: Every suit features precise tailoring, from fine stitching that enhances durability to carefully designed linings that maintain the suit's shape. Details like lapels, buttons, and pockets are not only functional but also enhance the suit's character.
  • Artful Finishing Touches: Our suits include hand-finished buttonholes, intricate pick stitching on lapels, and neatly placed welt pockets, adding sophistication and visual appeal.
  • Built to Last: Crafted with durable and breathable fabrics and expert techniques, our suits are designed to be treasured long after your wedding day, suitable for future special occasions and as lasting symbols of your celebration.

These features ensure that each Zed By country wedding suit stands out as a perfect blend of tradition and modern elegance, ideal for making lasting memories on your special day.

Ensuring the right fit is pivotal for looking and feeling your best. Zed By's fitting experts provide personalized consultations to help you select a suit that flatters your build and enhances your presence. Whether you're looking for a classic fit, a more modern slim fit, or a bespoke tailored experience, our collection offers exceptional options to create an impeccable look for your country wedding.

To maintain the allure of your country wedding suit, as for any men's business dress, proper care is essential. Zed By encourages clients to follow best practices in suit care, such as professional dry cleaning, correct hanging, and mindful storage. We also offer guidance on minor repairs and preservation to ensure your suit remains in pristine condition for years to come after your wedding day.

For more insights on our luxurious country wedding outfit collection, visit our country wedding outfit page where style meets tradition.

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Ivory flower brooch

This ivory flower brooch is perfect for adding a refined and elegant touch to your suit for weddings and ceremonies. Made from artificial flowers, it attaches easily and discreetly with its concealed pin, offering a sophisticated finish to your outfit.

Price €19.00

Red flower brooch

For weddings and ceremonies, this red flower brooch made from artificial flowers adds an elegant and distinctive touch to your suit. Easy to attach with its concealed pin, it remains discreet and refined, completing your look with style and sophistication.

Price €19.00

White Ceremonial Shirt Honeycomb

Adopt an elegant look with this white ceremonial honeycomb pattern shirt with a small collar. Made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester, it guarantees comfort and style. With its tailored fit and refined buttons, it is ideal for grand occasions. Machine washable at 30°.

Price €39.00

White french collar shirt

Reveal your natural elegance with this classic white French collar shirt. A high-quality fabric ensures unparalleled comfort and perfect fit for meetings or important events. Machine washable at 30°, it remains impeccable.

Price €39.00

Silver Gousset Watch

This silver pocket watch with a chain is the ideal accessory for a classic and timeless look. Designed to complete your outfit with a touch of elegance, it brings a sophisticated style to your suit. Its silver color is perfect for discreet refinement.

Price €19.00

Golden gusset watch

For a vintage and elegant look, choose this golden pocket watch with a chain. Perfect for completing a classic and refined style, it adds a touch of distinction to your outfit. Its golden color brings a luxurious note, ideal for special occasions.

Price €19.00

Navy blue knitted bow tie

For a classic and elegant touch, add this navy blue knit bow tie to your outfit. Made from high-quality knit, it is perfect for a comfortable and refined look. Ideal for formal occasions where elegance is key.

Price €19.00

Bow tie in burgundy knit fabric

For a distinguished and sophisticated look, opt for this burgundy knit bow tie. The burgundy red adds character and elegance to your ensemble, perfect for grand occasions. Made from quality knit, it offers optimal comfort and unmatched style.

Price €19.00

Bordeaux velvet bow

For a touch of distinction, choose this burgundy velvet bow tie. Made from velvet, it adds a note of luxury and sophistication to your suit. Perfect for elegant evenings, it enhances your style with refinement.

Price €19.00

Navy blue satin bow

For an elegant and classic touch, choose this navy blue satin bow tie. Made from high-quality satin, this bow tie will add refinement to your outfit. Ideal for grand occasions, it perfectly complements your look with a sophisticated note.

Price €19.00

Bottle green knit tie

Add a touch of casual and elegant style to your outfit with this green bottle knit tie. Measuring 140 cm long and 7 cm wide, it is perfect for a sophisticated look. Hand washable, it is easy to care for.

Price €13.00

Ivory white flower brooch

Complete your suit with this ivory flower brooch, ideal for weddings and other special occasions. Made from artificial flowers, it attaches discreetly with its concealed pin, offering a refined and elegant touch to your outfit. Perfect for a sophisticated look.

Price €9.00

Burgundy flower brooch

For a touch of sophistication, choose this burgundy flower brooch. Made from artificial flowers, it is ideal for grand occasions such as weddings. Easy to attach with its concealed pin, it offers a secure and elegant fit, enhancing your suit with refinement.

Price €9.00

Black flower brooch

This black flower brooch adds a sophisticated and chic touch to any suit. Made from artificial flowers, it is ideal for weddings and other formal events. Its design with a concealed pin allows for easy and discreet attachment, ensuring optimal and elegant hold.

Price €9.00

White Rose Flower Buttonhole

Add an elegant touch to your suit with this white flower boutonniere. Made from ivory-colored artificial flowers, it is perfect for weddings and other ceremonies. Thanks to its concealed pin, it attaches easily and remains discreet, offering an elegant finish.

Price €19.00