Men's Dandysm Style Outfits

Discover our selection of 3-piece or double-breasted suits, our shirts and accessories to become the king of undermining. Adopt a vibrant style while respecting the "trilogy of colors" by wearing red trousers, a red burgundy suit jacket, an orange tie, and an indigo blue flower brooch.

With the full Dandysm Style collection, by Zed By, you may dress like the king of sap :

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White french collar shirt

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Sapology or African Dandyism

Inspired by the classic dandyism of Beau Brummell, sapologie or S.A.P.E, is raging in Congo-Brazzaville and Kinshasa, to establish a colorful and vibrant style, while taking care to respect the "trilogy of colors". To adopt a sapper style or to become the king of SAPE, all you have to do is adorn yourself with a blue and yellow three-piece jacket, under which you can glimpse the sleeves of a sky blue shirt or a double-breasted jacket checkered navy blue with an orange and yellow paisley tie. Don't forget the white flower brooch and the golden pocket watch to complete your sapper look.

Zed By's experience in men's suiting

Specialist in the sale of suits, shirts and fashion accessories for men, Zed By offers an extensive selection of jackets and slacks in a variety of colors and cuts on its website. From double-breasted suits, to 3-piece suits, 2-piece suits or tuxedos, Zed By shows attention to detail and lets you benefit from unique know-how, with Super 150 fabric quality, reserved for the big names in Luxury. For its Style la Sapologie collection, Zed By offers colors suitable for all pieces of clothing, allowing you to express your personal sense of fashion.