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Shirts are the second component of a man's suit. It provides contrast between the jacket and the various accessories associated with your wardrobe's chic ensemble. Shirts with a broken collar, an English collar, or an Italian collar, Zed By offers a variety of dress shirts to complement your style, including straight cuts, fitted, and slim fit.

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The long-sleeved shirt is the essential element of the men's wardrobe, which can be worn on all occasions. For work, formal evenings or for any type of ceremony.

Specialized in the sale of suits, shirts and fashion accessories for men, Zed By offers on its online platform, a complete range of shirts that come in several materials and colors.

From the casual shirt with patterns, to the simple white shirt, blue shirt, or the striped shirt to complete your look, our shirts will complement your outfit, jacket, suit pants and accessories.

Know that the shirt is a good way to stay stylish, whether with a casual or dressy look.

For a casual style, the white shirt goes very well with jeans or a chino.

For a dressy look, a navy blue shirt with a broken collar, will be worn perfectly with a black or dark blue tuxedo jacket and a burgundy satin bow tie.

Urban or chic look, the choice is yours. All of our shirts are comfortable to wear, so one thing is for sure, you won't be dropping the shirt.

Founded in 1980 by a family of men's fashion enthusiasts, Zed By is a French brand nestled in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

It stands out for its French refinement and its innovative cuts and patterns inspired by European and African cultures.

Zed By encourages benevolence and ethics in its creation and manufacturing processes. Quality is central to its concerns, with meticulous attention to detail.

The boutique located in the Marais district offers a wide range of distinguished clothing for all occasions, from gala wear to professional shirts.

The choice of collar is also important: shirts with Italian collar, French collar or button-down collar are the most classic and can be worn with or without a jacket.

Then come the bar collar shirt and the English collar shirt, which are very well worn with a tie.

Let's not forget the wing collar, which can be worn with a bow tie and a formal suit.

Finally, the mao collar also called officer collar, your ally of casual, which will allow you to walk the streets of Paris with pride.

Shirt cuffs are one of the small details not to be overlooked.

Straight, rounded or musketeer sleeves, with classic buttons or cufflinks, the choice will depend on the context and your style.

Stick to the holy rule of style consistency among the elements that define your current ensemble.

As with all clothing, your shirt must fit your body type.

• The straight cut will suit more those who bet on a more airy style.

• The fitted cut, will emphasize more the forms.

• Finally, the slim-fitting shirt, which will be tighter at the waist, will suit men who are slimmer, to accentuate their build.

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Ivory Bar Collar Shirt

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White french collar shirt

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