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Shirts are the second component of a man's suit. It provides contrast between the jacket and the various accessories associated with your wardrobe's chic ensemble. Shirts with a broken collar, an English collar, or an Italian collar, Zed By offers a variety of dress shirts to complement your style, including straight cuts, fitted, and slim fit.

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Man's Shirts for Suit

Long-sleeved shirts are an indispensable part of any man's wardrobe, as they may be worn for any occasion. For work, formal evenings, and ceremonies of any kind.

Our Shirts and Knowledge.

Specialist in the selling of men's costumes, shirts and fashion accessories, Zed By provides an extensive selection of shirts in a variety of materials and hues on its website. From the casual patterned shirt to the classic white or blue shirt, along with the striped shirt, our shirts will complement your jacket, suit trousers, and other accessories.

What sort of shirt collar should be selected?

Shirts with an Italian collar, French collar, or button-down collar are the most classic and can be worn with or without a jacket. The bar collar and English collar shirts, which pair well with a tie, come next. Not to be forgotten is the broken collar, which is worn with a bow tie and ceremonial suits. Finally, the mao collar, also known as the officer collar, is your informal ally, allowing you to confidently stroll the streets of Paris.

How to select the proper sleeve model

Shirt cuffs are an important element that should not be neglected. The choice of straight, rounded, or musketeer sleeves, with traditional buttons or cufflinks, will depend on the circumstances and your personal taste. Adhere to the golden rule of style uniformity among the components that comprise your current ensemble.

Which shirt style should you choose?

A shirt is a great way to maintain elegance, whether you're dressing casually or formally. The white shirt pairs really nicely with jeans or chinos for a relaxed look. A navy blue shirt with a wing collar pairs well with a black or navy blue tuxedo jacket and a burgundy satin bow tie for a formal look.

You may opt for an urban or stylish appearance. Know that all of our shirts are comfy to wear; therefore, you will never again lose a shirt.