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Accessories for Men's Suits

All the men's suit accessories that will make your shirts, waistcoats, and suits irresistibly elegant: ties, bow ties, pocket squares, pocket watches, and tie clips.

Select one or more accessorires to complement your suit :

Bow ties
Gusseted watches
Flower buttonholes and brooches


The addition of accessories to a suit ensemble is of paramount importance in underlining your sense of style and adding a personalized touch to your outfit. By opting for ties, bow ties, pocket watches, buttonholes or brooches, you're not only making an aesthetic choice, but also telling a story through your look. Each carefully selected accessory speaks to your attention to detail and can transform a formal outfit into an elegant and expressive ensemble.

Choosing the perfect tie is an art in which color, material and pattern play a predominant role.

Your tie should not only compliment your suit and shirt, but also respect the tone of the occasion.

For example, a silk tie with a discreet pattern or sober color will be perfect for business meetings, while a tie with a bolder hue or distinctive pattern could be your ally at less formal events.

The choice between bow tie and tie often depends on the type of event and your personal style.

Ties are both classic and versatile, making them ideal for both professional and formal occasions.

It offers a multitude of knot options and blends beautifully with a wide range of suits and shirts.

The bow tie exudes an aura of elegance and playfulness.

Ideal for festive events such as weddings or theme parties, it lends a touch of originality and daring to your outfit. 

The art of tying a bow tie is a skill that every gentleman must master.

Although it may seem complex at first glance, a few simple steps will help you achieve the perfect knot.

Start by adjusting the length of the bow tie to suit your neck, then cross the two ends, form a simple loop, and make sure each side of the knot is symmetrical before gently tightening.

A well-tied bow tie should have a harmonious shape and a firm knot to ensure a neat, elegant appearance throughout the evening.

The pocket watch, with its vintage aesthetic and timeless elegance, complements a variety of suit styles, adding a touch of refinement and a hint of nostalgia to your outfit.

Traditionally associated with formal ensembles, the gusset watch can also be boldly integrated into more contemporary or casual outfits, provided it's matched with discernment.

For three-piece suits or with a vest, the gusset watch finds its natural place, suspended gracefully from a chain.

For more modern looks, it can be slipped into a trouser or jacket pocket, evoking a subtle nod to the past.

When buying a pocket watch, the quality of the mechanism, the material of the case and the finesse of the design are key features to consider.

A reliable mechanism ensures the precision and durability of the time, while quality materials such as stainless steel or silver guarantee the resistance and aesthetics of time.

The design, whether ornate or sober, should reflect your personal style and adapt harmoniously to the occasions on which you plan to wear it.

The length and quality of the chain are also important factors in ensuring comfort and safety.

Integrating a buttonhole or brooch into a suit involves respecting a delicate balance to ensure an elegant look without going overboard.

The key is subtlety and color coordination.

Choose a buttonhole or brooch that complements or contrasts attractively with your suit and tie or bow tie.

Position is also crucial : a buttonhole is traditionally placed in the buttonhole eyelet on the left lapel of the jacket, while a brooch can be fixed in a similar way, taking care not to visually overload the outfit.

For less formal occasions or more contemporary looks, experiment boldly by placing the brooch in alternative locations, while maintaining a consistent aesthetic. 

Coordinating suit accessories requires careful attention to colors, patterns, and overall style to ensure a consistent, refined appearance.

First, identify the nature of the event: is it formal or more casual ?

Formal events might call for more traditional, sober accessories, while casual or creative occasions allow you greater freedom in your choices.

Next, make sure your accessories (tie, bow tie, pocket watch, boutonniere or brooch) are in harmony with the colors and textures of your suit.

Consider the overall color context and select accessories that complement or provide a welcome contrast to your outfit.

When it comes to patterns and colors for suit accessories, a few guidelines can be helpful in maintaining an elegant look.

In terms of color, the ideal is to create a harmonious contrast or complementarity between your accessories and your main outfit.

Accessories in sober or dark hues, such as black, navy or gray, are safe choices for formal events, while brighter or pastel colors can be reserved for casual or seasonal occasions.

When it comes to patterns, make sure they don't visually clash with each other.

If your suit or shirt has a pronounced pattern, opt for accessories with discreet or plain patterns, and vice versa.

When it comes to selecting quality suit accessories, the materials used are of crucial importance.

Ties and bow ties are often made from silk, wool or cotton, for an elegant finish and enhanced durability.

Pocket watches, meanwhile, can be made from stainless steel, brass or other robust metal alloys, and sometimes adorned with gold or silver details.

Finally, boutonnieres and brooches can be made from a range of materials, including precious metals, pearls, or natural flowers for a truly authentic touch.

Etiquette for suit accessories in a professional or formal setting is often based on sobriety and good taste.

In general, your accessories should coordinate in terms of color and style, and not steal the show from your main outfit.

For example, for a formal event or conservative business environment, opt for subtle, classic accessories, such as a dark-colored silk tie or a discreet pocket watch.

Buttonholes and brooches, while charming, are generally reserved for special occasions rather than everyday use in a business context.

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