Men's Suits

Zed By has a variety of suits for men, from the classic trendy suit to the dandy chic suit. All of the suits are made from high-quality fabric that has been certified as Super 150. Choose a two-piece or three-piece suit with a double-breasted jacket or the famous tuxedo for a look that is both stylish and casual. You will be able to look your best whether you are going to the office or to a wedding.

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Men's Suits

Today, the men's suit has evolved into the armor of the modern knight, serving as the wardrobe essential for men. Composed of a jacket, trousers, and sometimes a vest and other accessories (brooches, tie, or bow tie), it is a timeless classic that will guarantee you an elegant look for a wedding, birthday, baptism, or any other ceremony.

A few words regarding the history of the men's suit

Beau Brummell, the father of Dandyism, instituted the wearing of suit at the Royal Court of England in the 19th century. Formerly in the employ of Prince Wales, he will be the source of the suit's distribution throughout the Western world. The two-button suit was the first to appear, followed by the double-breasted suit and the three-piece suit.

The expertise of Zed By in men's suits

Specialist in the sale of men's suits, shirts, and fashion accessories, Zed By offers an extensive selection of jackets and pants in a variety of colors and cuts on its website. From double-breasted suits to three-piece suits, two-piece suits, and tuxedos, Zed By pays attention to detail and offers Super 150 fabric quality, usually reserved for the biggest names in Luxury.

How should I wear my suit ?

Adopt a two-piece suit for a classic and relaxed appearance, or a three-piece suit for a more refined one. For ceremonies, you will prefer the tuxedo, which is essential as the cocktail or gala outfit par excellence and can replace the wedding and ceremony suit. Choose a full suit for the office, or wear the jacket and pants separately for a more contemporary, casual look.

What color shall I select for my suit?

All of our Zed By suits are offered in multiple color options. Black or navy tuxedos are the standard attire for weddings and formal events. For an urban or casual look, a 2-piece beige suit or a gray tweed suit will suffice. Allow yourself to be tempted by a suit jacket with a checkered, striped, or Prince of Wales check pattern. Finally, reach the zenith of African clothing fashion by incorporating more eccentric hues, such as pink, light blue, or bright yellow.

How should your suit jacket be worn?

As you may have realized, wearing a men's suit correctly requires knowing how to pair the shirt, the pants, and the accessories, which comprise the overall style. The shirt's wrist side must reveal between 0.5 and 1.5 centimeters of sleeve in order to create a border that will add contrast to your ensemble. Regarding the collar, nothing could be more straightforward; the collar of the jacket must completely match the collar of the shirt, and the color must complement the tie or bow tie and the pocket square.

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