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From three-piece suits to double-breasted tuxedos, Zed By offers a large collection of ceremony or tuxedo suits with the most sophisticated finishes. Zed By costumes will bring the little extra to your outfit.

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The suit is the essential element for any type of ceremony whether it is for a wedding, a gala, an anniversary or funerals. A formal outfit is usually a three-piece English suit, seersucker or tweed with a black or navy blue jacket, white shirt and smart pants, accessorized with a bow tie and matching clutch. For weddings, it is usually the tuxedo that is all the rage.

A man must know how to wear a suit whether it is for a wedding or a ceremony of any kind.

Generally, a formal suit is often made up of a three-piece or double-breasted tuxedo, with the jacket, the suit jacket and the pants.

You will also need to choose your formal shirt, with a broken collar, Italian or straight, depending on your outfit.

Choose a plain style that matches your three-piece or double-breasted tuxedo ensemble.

For a gala or a wedding, the white shirt is a safe bet.

On the other hand, more extravagant colors will always work with a beige or black men's suit jacket, for a dandy chic style.

Specialized in the sale of suits and fashion accessories for men, Zed By offers you on its online platform, a complete range of ceremony and wedding suits, which are available in several materials and colors.

From the three-piece tuxedo to the double-breasted tuxedo, you will be spoilt for choice.

Our fashion accessories can also bring a trendy note to the ensemble.

In addition, the wool and textile quality Super 150 that makes up our products are pleasant to wear, is particularly appreciated.

In our collection, we offer wedding suits made of blended fabric including polyester, viscose and elastane to limit wrinkles and offer optimal comfort.

Founded in 1980 by a family with a passion for men's fashion, Zed By is a French brand located in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

It stands out for its French elegance and its unique cuts and patterns inspired by European and African cultures.

Zed By advocates benevolence and ethics in its creation and manufacturing processes. Excellence is at the center of its priorities, giving meticulous importance to details.

The store located in the Marais offers a wide range of chic clothing for all occasions, from evening wear to professional shirts.

Next, you should know that there are different styles of men's wedding suits, such as the classic suit, the double-breasted suit, the tie suit or the lapel suit.

Each of these styles is suitable for a different occasion.

For example, the double-breasted suit is perfect for a traditional wedding, while the tie suit is ideal for a more casual ceremony.

For a funeral, you'll opt for a black three-piece suit with a white or black shirt, whichever you prefer.

You don't choose the same ensemble if it's a formal or more informal ceremony.

For a less formal ceremony, opt for a more contemporary look with a white shirt with a French collar, a navy blue three-piece suit jacket and hunt down your leather shoes, against white sneakers for a casual and urban look.

For more formal occasions, you'll lean more towards a black tuxedo, a shirt with a collar, a burgundy bow tie and dress shoes.

Don't forget the clutch in the front pocket, a tie or bow tie and a fob watch to complete the dandy chic men's formal wear.

First of all, it is important to choose a quality suit, which will be comfortable and resistant.

The suit must also be adapted to the man's morphology, so that it fits perfectly.

Our suits are perfect for any male body type and fit perfectly.

We pay attention to detail and offer you a unique know-how, with a quality of fabric Super 150, reserved for the big names of luxury.

For weddings, dances or other more classic ceremonies, the black tuxedo is a more formal and timeless option for weddings and evening ceremonies.

It consists of black pants with lapels, a black double-breasted jacket and a white shirt with a high collar and buttoned cuffs.

The black tuxedo can be accompanied by a black tie or a matching clutch.

To complete your style, the shoes should be of good quality and dark color, to avoid any excess of color.

It is also advisable to choose discreet accessories, such as a watch or an evening clutch, which will enhance the suit without overpowering it.

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