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Bar Collar Shirts for Men

If you're a fan of English style, a bar-collar shirt is a must-have piece in your wardrobe. The goal is to add sophistication, a dash of individuality, and to draw attention to his tie. Your new addition will draw the attention of even the most interested people, so be prepared to talk about it!

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A bar collar shirt is a variation on the classic shirt, with a metal bar or pin holding the collar in place. This detail makes it an elegant choice for formal occasions and gives a sophisticated look that will make you stand out in any meeting or special event.

Specializing in the sale of men's suits, shirts and fashion accessories, Zed By offers a complete range of shirts in a variety of materials and colors on its online platform.

From casual patterned shirts to simple white shirts, blue shirts or striped shirts to complete your look, our shirts will complete your outfit, jacket, suit pants and accessories.

The barrette collar is a design element that dates back to the early 20th century.

Introduced as an innovation to keep the collar in place, it quickly gained popularity among men looking to add a touch of elegance to their formal attire.

Founded in 1980 by a family devoted to men's fashion, Zed By is a French brand nestled in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris.

It stands out for its French refinement and innovative cuts and patterns inspired by European and African cultures.

Zed By promotes caring and ethics in its design and manufacturing processes. Quality is central to its concerns, with meticulous attention to detail.

The boutique, located in the Marais district of Paris, offers a wide range of distinguished garments for all occasions, from gala outfits to professional shirts.

Unlike button-down or classic collars, a bar collar features a metal bar that holds both sides of the collar in place.

This mechanism creates a sharper silhouette and maintains an impeccable appearance throughout the day.

A shirt with a bar collar is perfectly suited to formal occasions and important events.

Whether it's a wedding, a reception or a business meeting, this shirt will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

To get the most out of your bar collar shirt, pair it with a tailored suit and a high-quality tie.

The elegance of the bar collar tends to enhance ties, so opt for a tie that harmoniously complements the color and style of your shirt.

The choice of tie can greatly influence the final look of your outfit.

A silk tie is often the best choice to accompany a bar collar shirt, as it adds a touch of luxury and shine that harmonizes well with the elegance of the collar.

Although the bar collar shirt is traditionally worn with a tie, you can choose to wear it without for a slightly more casual look.

However, if you opt for this approach, make sure that the other elements of your outfit are formal enough to maintain a stylistic balance.

A tailored suit, preferably in high-quality fabrics such as wool or cashmere, will complement your bar collar shirt perfectly.

Two or three-piece suits are particularly recommended to underline the elegance of this type of shirt.

To make sure your bar collar shirt fits you like a glove, carefully measure neck circumference, arm length and chest circumference.

Many online retailers offer detailed sizing guides to facilitate this process.

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