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We distinguish ourselves by :

Zed By stands out for its unique tailoring style, the result of unparalleled costume-making practice. Our suits are designed with noble materials, such as cotton and wool, for a pleasant feel; combined with polyester/viscose for maximum comfort.

Textiles are carefully selected according to their woven or knitted nature, finishing processes and the art of tailoring. We mainly use Super 150's quality fabric for our creations, requiring a rare and precious know-how that we are one of the few to master.

" The various styles of clothing we offer stand out from conventional paths, while offering high-quality European tailoring and using materials of excellence. "
Marvyn Guetta
Founder of zed by

Our shoes

In addition to our suits, we also offer made-in-Italy suit shoes, including Richelieu, buckle shoes, moccasins and sneakers. Our handcrafted shoes are made from quality materials such as leather, nubuck and suede. The soles, meanwhile, can be made of gum, Blake or other types, to offer an exceptional wearing experience and inimitable style.

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Our requirements

A renowned brand :

With our wide selection of jackets, shirts and pants, in Super 150's quality fabrics, Zed By is positioned among the leading menswear brands. 

Materials at the cutting edge of luxury :

Our tailoring is evolving to meet ever-higher standards, for your desires and needs. We are aware that today's men are increasingly attentive to their looks and the character of the clothes they wear. That's why we make it a point of honor to offer original, well-cared-for products that will meet your expectations.

What our customers want :

Men who choose Zed By are looking for products of superior finesse, which offer an elegant and sophisticated look. We strive to meet these expectations by offering products that are close to perfection, designed with care and at affordable prices. The art of dressing will soon have no limits for you.

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When you choose Zed By to enhance your wardrobe, you're opting for top-quality tailoring for a chic, energetic and trendy look for every occasion. 

More than just a garment, a Zed By suit becomes an everyday essential !

We're proud of our expertise and commitment to our customers, and look forward to welcoming you into our world to discover our exclusive collections.