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Burgundy tie with patterns + matching pocket

With discreet patterns and a slight relief, this burgundy tie will be perfect to enhance an outfit with elegance. Bordeaux is the colour that goes everywhere par excellence. In meetings or for ceremonies it is suitable for all ages and will be perfect on a white or pink shirt. The cover matching the tie will make[...]

orange-pea tie
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Orange polka dot tie + matching pocket

The orange color of this polka dot tie will bring a touch of pep and freshness to your outfit. The slight relief of this accessory is a guarantee of quality and elegance. It adds thickness and hold to this tie that will stay in place all day long (or [...]

blue tie-blue-marine-fancy
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Fancy navy blue tie + matching pocket

This navy blue tie with light blue dots is one of the classic pieces of the men's dressing room. The peas give it a punchy look and bring a little fantasy to the outfit. The peas make it possible to break the strict side that a plain dark tie could have while remaining suitable for all circumstances. That[...]

rainbow blue-fancy tie
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Fancy sky blue tie + matching pocketkerchief

This light blue tie with light patterns is the perfect accessory to refresh your outfits. Light blue is a popular colour for weddings, baptisms... It can also be worn for work or to brighten up a darker outfit. The matching pouch will make it possible to be even more chic during the[...]

orange-pea-blue-pea tie
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Orange tie with blue dots + matching pocket

We love the old school look of this orange-yellow tie! The blue weights reinforce its vintage effect and the light lines in the background give structure to this tie. This assortment of matching accessories is completely off the beaten track and brings freshness and tone to your outfits. Dimensions: Length: 140 cm Width: 8 [...]